What's Next for Wasilla Christian Church

Why Expansion is the Key to the Future

As our church grows, so too, grows our needs for infrastructure.  We need to recognize God's handiwork in Wasilla Christian Church and take the leap of faith that building a new building requires. God brings our services to capacity time and time again, and our hearts break for the families that come and leave because they don't think there is enough room for them, or their children.  

Our biggest growing group of people are families with young children.  These children are the future of our church.  They are the ones who will be carrying the torch for Christ into the distant future and we are called to plant the seeds of everlasting life that will support them in the trials and tribulations that life will surely bring.  This building serves that call. 

This is not about a building, this is about people, and how best to serve them.  We need you to prayerfully consider how impactful Wasilla Christian Church has been in your life, your marriage, your friendships and your fellowship.  If Jesus Christ has touched your heart in this place, think of what He will do for others.  

How to answer the call

Fundraising Goals

Campaign Targets

First Fruits

On Commitment Sunday, we hope to have $250,000 in support from the Congregation


We have a target of 1.25M for the entire year.  Analysis shows this is possible for a church our size.

Congregational Growth

The new building will allow us to share the gospel with 3 times as many people per Sunday.

Expanded Childrens Areas

This expansion will accommodate the next generation of members and their growing families.

Stories written by the Spirit

For years and years, the lovingkindness of the elders and deacons of Wasilla Christian Church has been poured out into the lives of people in our community.  As this takes place, God moves and breathes new life into families and individuals in our church.

Our growth is self-evident on any given Sunday. We are full upstairs and we are full downstairs, and the time to build is upon us. Building this building will accommodate almost three times as many people in the Sanctuary, but will also allow us to serve the needs of the children of those families so they will make Wasilla Christian Church their spiritual home.

What stories will be written? What lives will be changed? When you commit to this mission, you commit yourself to a worthy effort, for there is no higher honor than to be a tool in the Master's Hands.

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What members are saying

God is building His church. It's exciting to be a part of His good work. We can't do this by ourselves! Our prayer is that everyone at Wasilla Christian Church will choose to live life beyond ourselves and let God work in the life and building of WCC.


Chris Bena

Church Elder

I am excited about the building campaign as it will give the people of God an opportunity to self-reflect and deepen their trust and relationship with the Lord who blesses us with every blessing in Christ Jesus our savior.


Norm Wagner

Church Elder

Collossians 1:6 "All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing." Constructing this building is about bearing fruit for God's Kingdom, not for a building that won't last forever, but for the eternal good fruit of those who would come to the lord.


Tom Hein

Church Elder

Lisa and I are excited to be a part of God's work in our hometown of Wasilla. A larger facility for WCC will allow us to open the doors to more people in our community, thereby growing God's kingdom now and for future generations.


Todd Short

Church Elder

I am excited and humbled to see how God is moving in and through WCC and am eagerly awaiting the treasure of seeing new friends come to know the Lord in this new building. As we leave the old and approach the new we should free ourselves from the uncertainties of life and let God whisper to us...


Dave Corneliussen

Church Elder

How Big is our God?

This is a question that we are able to answer in our heads, but often times we don’t allow the greatness of God to penetrate our hearts. Over the years at WCC we have seen God send us person after person and their lives have been changed by the gospel. In the last three years we have struggled to find enough space for people. We believe that God is now asking us, “How big do you say that I am?”

As we embark on this journey to build a new building we know that we are honoring God through our faith. The question is do we believe that He can provide when we choose to sacrifice? I invite you to join me in asking God to reveal to us how we can sacrifice together and watch how big our God is as He provides the increase.